Enrico Brignano - AUSVERKAUFT

Enrico Brignano - AUSVERKAUFTMa... diamoci del tu!

04.04.2024 20:00 Uhr Ausverkauft
GLORIA, Apostelnstraße 11, 50667 Köln
Einlass: 19 Uhr

Enrico Brignano explains "MA... DIAMOCI DEL TU": «Being unformal nowadays is very common and politeness seems to be archaic and old fashion. When a call center calls you to discuss, for example, the telephone rate, or to propose investing your grandmother's inheritance in cryptocurrencies, the attempt is to sound formal, probably to make hard telling them to go to hell. The polite way is bureaucratic, it's used with legal entity, but then the direct form used to replace it seems empty, it doesn't suggest that true confidence, that familiarity I mean.

That's why I start this show by being unformal to my audience: I want to create a confidence that's not superficial, but substantial. And I'm a man of substance: you can get it just by looking at me! I also added a "BUT" that resets everything, to dissolve social, economic or age-related distances...

Since I'm in the mood of telling you my secrets, in the show I talk about unpublished aspects of my profession and a personal story which becomes a paradigm for everyone... in fact, for the first time I decided to tell about disappointments, false starts, all the "NO" I've collected in my professional life - and otherwise. Of course, always with a smile, never taking me seriously, but underlining how everything's needed in life, even a rejection can strengthen us and make us who we are today. Assisted on stage by maestro Andrea Perrozzi, I play my part with the collaboration of two "annoying" but very precious presences, Pasquale Bertucci and Michele Marra. When I'm with them, I talk; when they leave me alone on stage, I still talk. Well yes, I have a lot to talk about and sometimes even to complain.
"Brignano, don't you know that complaining is typical of elderly people?"
"Of course I know! But in the meantime, you just speak unformal to me!".

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Fotocredit: Roberto Panucci