Mighty Mocambos - 2066

Mighty Mocambos - 2066plus DJ-Support & Aftershow Party

01.10.2022 20:00 Uhr
GLORIA, Apostelnstr.11, 50667 Köln
In a world awash with negativity and fear, you are invited to climb aboard the Mocambo mothership where all colours
and creeds are celebrated. The Mighty Mocambos have returned - stronger, tighter and hungrier than ever. Carrying
blistering funk lines in their fingers and worldly influences in their hearts, the unique and distinctive Mocambo sound
is not one to be confused with retro bands trying to recapture an era. Eschewing traditional recording methods, this
DIY crew are committed to driving forwards, and "2066" sees them at the height of their powers, broadcasting a call
for unity.
After reaching new audiences worldwide and earning critical praise for their two long players on Brooklyn's Big Crown
Records in their tropical guise as Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, the band have reassembled and refocused in their
original form, the workhorses behind dozens of 45s on the Mocambo label and beyond. Crossing generations, this
album introduces some of the world's youngest funk talent to step up and rub shoulders with soul and rap legends,
soul sisters, an elder statesman composer/arranger and a brand new emerging artist out of New York.
As with all Mocambo releases, the record has been meticulously sequenced by the band. It welcomes us aboard with
joyous instrumental stomper Preaching To The Choir, and a call to build bridges from Mocambo chanteuse and
percussionist Nichola Richards, duetting with emerging rap talent, New York MC JSwiss on Stronger. B-girls and bboys are called to the dancefloor as Superstrada and Concrete Stardust commence, all buzzing synth lines and
relentless drums. New Jersey legend and Big Crown associate Mr Lee Fields is guest of honour for Where Do We Go
From Here before a horn workout brings us to a close with Macumba. It's time for a breather.
"2066" continues with the grand return of the Golden Girl of Funk, Gizelle Smith, a sister who's been busy taking on
the world. Composer Peter Thomas narrates a Return To Space to mark the centenary of the debut of his score to scifi show Space Patrol, which first broadcast in 1966. We're back down to Earth and the mean streets for the furious
drums and car chase workout of Golden Shadow. Today slows down the pace for a reflective ballad with Nichola front
and centre - and here's the next generation: the Mocambo Kidz sing along to their parents' instrumentation for Here
We Go, a new kids' block party anthem... with no sleep 'til bedtime. The album closer makes it clear that the
Mocambos are nowhere near powering down as Ice T and Charlie Funk bring their A-game for an old school attack
which, since you're up bouncing anyway, gives you no excuse not to go right back to the beginning. Onwards!
A summation of their journey so far and a celebration in anticipation of what's to come, the album is set to take its
place in a legacy of open minded, organically recorded music, showering listeners with the crew's maze of tantalising
sounds pulled from funk, afro, hip hop with cinematic composition and storytelling.
Agent J [Groovement Radio]

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